Orna returns to work

Sadhna’s illustration inspired by the film Working Woman.

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Note from the artist

Working Woman was a bit shocking at first. Most movies that I’ve seen, especially ones about women empowerment, show us a glorified version of events. We see women achieving their dreams, becoming a better version of themselves, changing others around them as well. The ending of Working Woman was, however, impactful and hard-hitting. I remember thinking “That’s it?” as the movie came to an end. Later, I realised how perfectly the film potrayed the reality of sexual harassment at the workplace. The protagonist Orna is put through complex situations, and we are with her as she struggles with her emotions—from the excitement of returning to the workforce, the uncomfortable encounter with her boss, the struggle to communicate the issue to her husband, getting a recommendation letter so she would be able to find employment after the encounter, and much more. We are able to see how all of this changes her as a person. 

About the artist

Sadhna Saku is a design student at Temasek Polytechnic. She is passionate about all things design and art. She enjoys doodling her thoughts and trying out different mediums of art. https://www.instagram.com/xosadh/

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