About the twentieth issue

A small issue, but one we hope you’ll find interesting.

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It’s a new year, but of course, nothing much changes unless you decide something should change. We carry on as always, trying to bring you interesting stories, reading, attempting to write, finding stuff to watch online. 

In this issue, we have an interview with Hemant Chaturvedi, who went on a road trip driven by a need to photograph India’s single screen theatres. Konstantinos writes about soundtracks that have left a mark on him through the years, and Amitava discusses the ‘non-acting’ seen in Satyajit Ray’s movies. Ramchander compares the Tamil short film Thangam with its source material, a short story of the same name. Manishankar writes about the Global Migrant Film Festival 2020, where he participated in a panel discussion. 

We hope you enjoy this issue. As always, we’d love to hear from you! Write to us with ideas for future issues, or just to chat. 

Cover image by Viswanathan

About the photographer

Viswanathan is a self-taught photographer based in Nagercoil. He shares his work on Instagram. He is also an entrepreneur; buy chips from him here

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