Along a trail of some of Delhi’s aged cinema halls

Mitsu visits some of Old Delhi’s single screen cinemas and comes back with pictures.

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Living in the city of Delhi is a long stroll with two different time periods on either side. The quintessential image of Delhi would have a newly-opened dhaba right below a gigantic pillar of the Delhi metro, with passengers marvelling at neo-colonial architecture, while a Mughal gumbad [tomb] looks down at all of this like a grand old matriarch.

The heritage of this city is held well within its cinema halls as well, some abandoned by viewers, while some others have transformed to suit their ever-changing tastes. Right from the 1930s, Delhi’s cinema halls have witnessed the advent of the show business: from being restricted to the elite class, towards its slow percolation in the minds of the masses. I walked around some of these areas to capture the contrast of the scurrying crowds of 21st century with the luxurious pride of a bygone era.


Plaza opposite to Odeon; half a century of looking each other in the eye


Ritz (the oldest, the most humble)

Moti (the yellow outshines the Old Delhi gleam)

About the author/photographer

Mitsu is studying political science at Delhi University. She takes interest in art, literature, politics and loitering around her city. She is on Instagram at miitsusahay.

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