The Seen and Unseen

Priyadershini watched Kamila Andini’s film and attempts to recreate her journey.

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The Seen and Unseen is filled with all the beautiful imagery and storytelling unique to Bali. It is a film that traverses the psychology of a girl coming to terms with the loss of her twin brother, while taking us to realms both grounded and supernatural.

Notes from the artist

My work is a representation of the difficult time the girl, Tantri, goes through. Then there is the moon. The bond between the siblings, their love—the film uses the moon to tell us of this.

Art work by Priyadershini

About the artist

In school, Priyadershini Deivakumar could not pay attention to the teacher, she drew instead. She chose to study art in secondary school, and has been on a journey of discovery ever since. She is currently a student of Fine Arts at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. She aspires to be an artist.

Images may not be reproduced without permission.

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