The Little Comrade

Elayabharath caught a screening of this film in Singapore and made a painting.

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The Little Comrade [Seltsimees laps] is an Estonian film that came out in 2018. Following much acclaim and picking up a few awards along the way, it was screened at the European Union Film Festival 2019.


In the midst of Stalinist tyranny, six-year-old Leelo’s mother is sent to a prison camp. Haunted by her mother’s last words telling her to be a good kid, Leelo vows to be on her best behavior in the confusing grown-up world in the hope that it will bring her mother back.[1]

The film is based on the first two books in the Comrade Kid trilogy—autobiographical works written by Leelo Tungal. Comrade Kid and the Grownups was published in 2008, Velvet and Sawdust: Comrade Kid and the Letters came out in 2009, and A Woman’s Touch: Comrade Kid and Dad was released in 2018.

Note from the artist

“I wanted to capture the essence of the film.”


[1] Synopsis as published on the Estonian Film World’s website.

Image belongs to the artist; it may not be reproduced without permission.

About the artist

Elayabharath (EB) is a UX designer and a front-end programmer. He is always looking to meet new people and discuss exciting ideas. Say hi to him over coffee; find him on Facebook.

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