Looking into a girl’s mind

Sanjana watches Roopa Rao’s Kannada film Gantumoote and draws her thoughts.

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Artist’s note

Gantumoote [Baggage] is a coming-of-age movie about Meera. Throughout the movie, we see the many things that affect Meera, and which contribute to her character as an adult. As a teenager, she meets and falls in love with her classmate Madhu. He later becomes the emotional baggage she carries into her adult life, a silhouette hovering in the background.

Meera’s love for art and cinema plays an important and constant role in her life as well. She compares events happening around her to what she sees in the movies. She doesn’t let much stand between her and the films she adores.

I wanted to place Meera at the forefront of my work. I also wanted to draw her as an adult, even though in the movie we see her at the different stages of life. I did not want to impose any expressions on the characters I drew, because I felt this keeps with the theme of the movie. It is up to the audience to take what they will from the protagonist’s story, based on their own experiences and inner world.

My own experiences have been different, and I found that I could not relate too much to the movie.

Gantumoote is available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

About the artist

Sanjana is a junior college student. She likes to express herself through art. She finds art to be a universal medium capable of portraying different perspectives and challenging stereotypes.

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