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From Anusha’s desk:

The other editor reminded me recently that this issue marks two years of our collaboration. I write this note in India, battling jet lag and feeling too full to breathe; hospitality tastes good but its consequences aren’t always pleasant. 

When we started this magazine, we (I) certainly didn’t have any visions for its future. I am not sure I do even now, except that I’d like to do my best, and put something out that I’m not embarrassed by. 

Movies are one of the few things that make flight travel more bearable, and I’m always curious to find out what other people are watching. Someone from Jamaica watched anime, while a Gujarati lady watched a couple of Hollywood films listed under Action. As for me, I fell asleep every time I started watching a movie. Maybe someday I shall complete Once Upon A Time In Hollywood—I only have about a hundred and twenty minutes to go.

If you’ve been reading our magazine since the beginning, we want to thank you for sticking around. Our thirteenth issue has turned out to be unintentionally small; we promise to do better next time. There are films to watch and opinions to share!

What’s in this issue?

Konstantinos writes about foreign films and their Hollywood remakes.

Sadhna shares her art work with us, inspired by the Hebrew movie Working Woman.

Vaishnavi’s short story takes us to India in the 80s, where an Amitabh Bachchan fan has a secret.

Ramasamy writes in Tamil about the film Asuran and the novel it is based on, Vekkai. This article is translated to English by Subhashini, with inputs from Ramchander.

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Cover image by Raaj Rufaro

About the photographer

Raaj Rufaro is an illustrator, or rather, an artist who specialises in sculpture and photography. He believes in his visual knowledge and his ability to create exceptional work. Check out his work on Instagram

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